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Expedia is the place to shop when you're looking for a great deal on your hotels, flights, city breaks and more as they always provide their best prices and service in everything they do. Right now with Expedia you can use a voucher code to save on lots of different parts of your travel. They also have a great sales section where you can pick up more money saving offers with just a few clicks. Keep checking for updates on the latest Expedia codes and we'll keep hunting down the best deals for you. Expedia are the world's largest online travel agency.

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Other ways to save money and get a good deal at Expedia

What are the types of discount codes you can expect from Expedia?

Expedia are always coming out with new and exclusive discount codes that make it very temping to travel. They are not shy to try and save their customers money and publish discount codes to do just that. Here are the most common types of codes you can expect when looking for a Expedia voucher code.

10% Off Flights

A common code we see time and time again for Expedia is the Save 10% Off Flights, or more accurately, save £50 on flights over £500.

This comes around about 4 to 6 times per year and is always handy if you’re ready to spend a little over £500 on your flight with the company.

10% Off Hotel Bookings

We’d say this is the most common discount code for Expedia you’ll find from the company and it often comes in a variety of different ways.

It’s quite easy to find a discount code that promises 10% off hotel bookings, and they really cover a large amount of hotels. Last time we checked this voucher was applicable to over 15,000 hotels worldwide, which includes top chains such as Holiday Inn, Hilton, Travelodge and many more you’ll recognise and probably stayed in. We couldn’t see a minimum stay period for this offer but you do have to spend a minimum of £10 which will be very easy.

It’s a great little special offer but only lasts for around 3 to 5 days sadly.

Savings for Expedia app use

Expedia also try and push their Expedia App and try and tempt you in with a juicy promotional code to make it worth your while. It sure does work as they where offering £20 saving on a £100 hotel booking if you made it via the app.

We don’t know if this kind of offer will appear again because the app is quite popular now, but sure worth keeping an eye out for it.

Other ways to save money with Expedia

An easy way to save money with Expedia is to collect Nectar card points with every purchase. You’ll often see that you can get double points so well worth signing-up to Nectar card and using it. You can get money off future purchases.

Another great way is giving the sales section a good check one or twice a week on Expedia.co.uk. This sale section is really packed full of great deals that can save you and your family a small fortune. It’s also worth taking a look at this section as you get holiday ideas for your current or future travel.

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